What's New

New in Media Central | Cloud UX 2022.3


Get a new aa:multi-value-attribute-range resource with a subset of the rows of a multi-value attribute and with paging support.

aa:asset-selective and aa:asset-selective-by-id

Get a selective amount of information for an asset, including attributes in different formats, and time-based Metadata. Includes the option to get the information needed to render a layout returned as part of datamodel:asset-model. Currently only available for MC|AM.


Get a recommended hit-list definition for a taxonomy. Currently only available for MC|AM master data taxonomies.


aa:attributes, aa:asset-by-id, aa:asset

Link rels now support an optional query parameter exclude-multi-value=true that can be used to request getting only single-value attributes. This is much faster if multi-value attributes are not needed.

taxonomies:entries and taxonomies:search

New optional query parameter sort.


New option sort in attribute definitions and layouts.

Removed obsolete documentation of profiles.

New in Media Central | Cloud UX 2021.11

Media Central Production Management

  • aa:thumb now supports query parameters thumnailWidth and thumbnailHeight

CTMS Data model aggregator

  • Common attribute names are now localized

New in Media Central | Cloud UX 2021.3

Media Central Asset Management

Added support for 'reserved' status

Extensions for multi-value attributes

New in Media Central | Cloud UX 2020.9

The Admin API for Settings

Support for relations in Media Central Production Management

Delete items from a folder

Support for read-only and visibility expressions

New in Media Central | Cloud UX 2020.4

Set the representative thumbnail image for an asset

Get the parent collection for a location item