Link relation loc:collection-at-itemid

New in MC | Cloud UX 2020.4


Get the collection of sub items at the position of a given item in that collection.

HTTP method


URL template parameters


The value of of an existing item in the folder.

Query parameters

Defines which information is returned for the items in the collection. See Query parameters for items for details.

Defines which items are returned in the loc:collection resource. See Query parameters for collections for details.

If offset is given and not empty, it overrides the positioning within the collection and returns the items starting with the given offset. This contradicts the purpose of this link rel. It is recommended to use loc:collection in this case instead.

Defines how multi-value attributes are returned. See Query parameters for items for details.

Request body


HTTP response

200 OK

403 Forbidden

The caller has no read permission for the collection.

404 Not Found

The given item doesn’t exist or is not in the collection of the folder, or the collection doesn’t exist. This is also returned if the service or an intermediate resource is not available.

Response body

A loc:collection resource with the requested items.

Available in


Link to a HAL resource that represents the collection of sub items, as in loc:collection. For loc:collection-at-itemid, the caller sets the URL template parameter itemid to the ID of an item in the folder. The link then returns the collection at the position of that item. Sub items can be folders or asset references.

More precisely, the behavior depends on the query parameter limit that is used by the client to define how many items the service should return: If the caller asks for limit=20 items, the service usually returns 20 items with the requested item as the first in the list, but with two exceptions:

  • If the folder contains less than or equal to 20 items in total, the response contains all items in the folder. The requested item can be anywhere in that list.

  • If the requested item is one of the last 20 items in the folder, the service returns the last 20 items. The requested item can be anywhere in that list.