Common query parameters for items

This page defines common query parameters that can be used when querying loc:item resources.

For all items


A comma separated list of system-specific attribute names, which will be put into the item representation (into the attributes property) of the response. If comma (',') is part of an attribute’s name, it needs to be escaped when used with the query parameter attributes. E.g. the attribute name "escape,me" must be passed as "escape\,me". The loc:item resources in the response will contain the extra top level (sibling to "common") property attributes, which contains an array of attributes having one element per attribute:

"attributes": [
  { "name": "comment", "value": "A comment" }

For more information on the response, see loc:item.

  • MediaCentral Asset Management:

    • Folders itself do not support attributes, but the specification of attributes on folders will fill the attributes of the folder items.

    • attributes is transitive: If a list of attributes was applied on a folder request, the links to further folders contained in the response will also have this attribute list in their URLs.

    • Attribute names are handled in a case-insensitive manner.

  • MediaCentral Production Management:

    • Attribute names are handled in a case-insensitive manner.


A comma separated list of resources to be embedded into the resulting resource

  • MediaCentral Asset Management:

  • MediaCentral Production Management:


Specifies the language or locale for localizable information, if supported. The value must be a must be a valid IETF BCP 47 language tag.

  • If missing, only "en" labels and tooltips will be in the result.

  • If, for the specified language tag, no labels and tooltips could be found, only "en" labels and tooltips will be in the result. This behavior will be changed

MediaCentral Asset Management: Localisation is applied for legallist and thesaurus attributes.


Specifies how multi-value attributes are returned:

  • If missing or empty, no multi-value attributes are returned

  • attributes: Return all rows of multi-value attributes in the embedded aa:attributes resource of loc:referenced-object

  • multi-value-attribute: Return all rows of multi-value attributes as embedded aa:multi-value-attribute resources of loc:referenced-object

  • multi-value-attribute-range: Return a limited number of rows for multi-value attributes as embedded aa:multi-value-attribute-range resources of loc:referenced-object, including paging

For folders

offset, limit, sort, filter

The query parameters offset, limit, sort, and filter are used to define which items are returned in the embedded loc:collection resource for the folder. See Query parameters for collection for details.