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Platform Foundation

Asset Service

The MediaCentral | Media Suite API provides a common Avid MediaCentral Platform entry point into Avid back end services, including MediaCentral | Production, MediaCentral | Asset Management and MediaCentral | Newsroom Management. Use the APIs to gain access to the media assets held in the target back ends, using core Avid Platform services exposed in a unified, managed and coherent manner.

Foundation Service

The MediaCentral | Service Gateway is the framework for integration of your custom service into the Avid MediaCentral Platform. It was designed from the ground up for a multi-zone environment with deployment across geographically remote machines where multiple service instances are possible. All service discovery and request routing is managed by the Avid Connectivity Service bus, the communication backbone of the Avid Platform.

The same API is used internally by MediaCentral Services.

The MediaCentral | UX Toolkit includes everything you need to integrate external tools and services into MediaCentral | Cloud UX workflows as a UI plug-in. For example, use it to integrate a web-based project management system, or your own custom software offerings. Features static (client-side) UIs for simplified integration of JavaScript libraries, while retaining the ability to match the style of the native MediaCentral | Cloud UX user interface, as desired.

The MediaCentral | API Gateway is the bridge interface between the bus and the outside. It allows clients to communicate with services on the bus via a REST interface. At the same time MediaCentral | API Gateway is the control instance which makes sure that all requests coming in are coming from an authenticated user and it can take care of load balancing calls when needed.

Maestro | Graphics API

The Maestro | Graphics API allows for integration of external MOS based graphics systems. It gives you the ability to store MOS data in MediaCentral | Newsroom Management Stories and to render graphics from your graphics system over the player in MediaCentral | Cloud UX.

Deprecated for new integrations - Contact for support

Client Applications

Essence SDK


Create resolution-independent, cross-platform visual effects plug-ins for Avid creative tools.

Avid Media Access (AMA)

Avid Media Access (AMA) is a plug-in architecture that allows users to link to and write back (export) common media formats and popular interchange formats, like MXF OP1a, AS-11, AS-02, MOV, and MP4, that are not supported natively within Avid environments. This architecture eliminates the need to convert to Avid native formats, e.g., from XDCAM EX MP4 into Avid OPAtom carrying XDCAM EX, so that users can link to acquisition formats and associated metadata for immediate viewing and editing. The architecture also allows for write back/export to popular delivery formats. By creating AMA plug-ins, developers can enable rich workflows with custom media file formats and associated metadata within Avid environments.

Maestro | Graphics Engine API

The Maestro | Graphics Engine API supplies development resources, graphic and code samples for third-party developers to connect to the RenderEngine 7 real-time graphics renderer.

Create your own control interfaces and data handling applications that can then be used to control Avid’s RenderEngine 7 during productions. Minimum requirements for installation: Microsoft .Net 4, Microsoft VC++ redistributables

Recommended components: 4Designer 1.1, RenderEngine 7.0, SharedData 7.0 (or newer)

Deprecated for new integrations - Contact for support

Transport SDK

Open I/O

Avid Open I/O allows manufacturers to develop their own plug-in for their hardware to function with Media Composer, Symphony and NewsCutter. They can now bring Avid video editing compatibility to their hardware I/O cards and devices.

Metadata Service

Sibelius ManuScript

Sibelius ManuScript is a simple, human-readable scripting language that helps you automate frequent actions or perform complex musical operations on scores. Script creation is simplified since the scripting language features built-in musical concepts including Score, Staff, Bar, Clef, NoteRest, etc.

Media Services

Metadata Service


The Illuminate REST API enables users to fully automate the creation of profiles and execution of jobs to validate closed captions, language, and video description. Access detailed job results, automated pass/fail analysis based on user-defined criteria, and retimed captions.

Avid | AI Media Analytics provides a framework that automates content indexing, such as facial detection, scene recognition, and speech-to-text conversion, by using third-party capabilities. The API was designed to provide a unified way for integration of your custom media analytics provider into the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

Job Service

MediaCentral | Command API

MediaCentral | Command provides precise automation control over a range of Avid and other popular video and graphics devices. It manages news playout reliably by dynamically linking with newscast rundowns. The MediaCentral | Command API opens the MediaCentral | Command platform for video servers and graphics devices, allowing flexible workflow configurations.

MediaCentral | Capture API

The Capture API provides SOAP web services for interacting with MediaCentral | Capture. The API allows software developers to perform numerous operations including adding, removing, or changing scheduled recordings, starting and stopping recordings. Also covers schedule-based operations, including downloading the whole schedule, watching the schedule, and monitoring the schedule for changes.

Asset Service

Avid MediaCentral | Newsroom HTML5 Plugin API

iNEWS Workstation adds support for HTML5 based plugins, allowing for a modern alternative to replace ActiveX plugin support. ActiveX is expected to be phased out over time so this HTML5 API provides creators of device plugins for iNEWS Workstation with the tools needed to create plugins with a modernized stack. HTML5 is a powerful technology which can ensure long term and full-featured plugin support inside of the MediaCentral Newsroom Management system.

MediaCentral | MOS SDK

MediaCentral | Production API

The MediaCentral | Production API provides SOAP web services for interacting with Avid MediaCentral | Production. Among other things, the API allows software developers to access media file location, resolution, approximate file size, metadata, and selected services managed by MediaCentral | Production, and to trigger selected MediaCentral | Production features.

Essence SDK

Avid Media Toolkit (AMT)

Avid Media Toolkit enables the process of creating and reading compliant Avid OP-Atom media files and matching AAF metadata, and exchanging them with an Avid MediaCentral | Production workgroup environment or Avid creative tools like Media Composer. It provides a frame-based API that is often used with a second SDK, for example for reading MXF or QuickTime-based media frames and converting them to Avid OP-Atom. AMT includes codec support for Avid native formats such as JFIF or H.264 proxies. It optionally includes the DNxHD codec for partners that have licensed the DNxHD/DNxHR codec. AMT also supports a pass-through mode for reading and writing OP-Atom packaged XDCAM, XAVC-I, AVC-I and JPEG2K, as well as >HD DNxHRmedia. AMT depends on Interplay | Web MediaCentral | Production API for check-in/out functionality.

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Distribution Service

MediaCentral | Delivery API

MediaCentral | Delivery API enables multi-site workflows by smartly handling transfers of media, sequences, and shot lists between MediaCentral workgroups, using industry-standard FTP. For facilities that use a different transfer protocol infrastructure, the MediaCentral | Delivery API is the mechanism for integrating it into the Avid MediaCentral | Production ecosystem.

Deprecated for new integrations - Contact for support

Transfer Service

MediaCentral | Archive Production API

The MediaCentral | Archive Production API enables archive vendors to seamlessly integrate their middleware with MediaCentral | Archive Production's archive and restore functionality. Similar to MediaCentral | Transfer DET API, the MediaCentral | Archive Production API provides access to Avid media files already wrapped in MXF but also supports the MediaCentral | Archive Production engine for greatly simplified metadata handling.

Deprecated for new integrations - Contact for support

MediaCentral | Transfer Auto API

Use the MediaCentral | Transfer Auto API to control MediaCentral | Transfer functionality from your Windows application. Includes the ability to invoke ingest, MediaCentral | Transfer DET API, playback and workgroup-to- workgroup transfers, as well as to pause, cancel, resume, and retry transfers, and monitor transfer status.

Deprecated for new integrations - Contact for support

MediaCentral | Transfer DET API

MediaCentral | Transfer DET API provides programmatic access to the MediaCentral |Transfer Engine. Use it to integrate your ingest, transcoding, playout and/or archiving device with the MediaCentral workgroup environment, including ISIS storage. MediaCentral | Transfer DET API is when the target file is already an Avid media file wrapped with MXF or OMF metadata.

Deprecated for new integrations - Contact for support

MediaCentral | Transfer DHM API

MediaCentral | Transfer DHM API is the Data Handling Module SDK for MediaCentral | Transfer, used for developing integrations to Windows-based applications that deliver or consume video frames from or to custom file formats or devices. The MediaCentral | Transfer DHM API lets you create a plug-in compatible with MediaCentral | Transfer to push and pull image frames stored on your custom device to and from an Avid editor or shared-storage device.

Deprecated for new integrations - Contact for support

Storage Suite


AirSpeed API

Integrate control systems using a TCP/IP socket-based protocol to query and control AirSpeed ingest/playout servers. Includes commands for obtaining hardware readiness and configuration information, interacting directly with the AirSpeed database, as well as sophisticated transport control commands. Commands are sent and received using XML (Extensible Markup Language) formatting.


NEXIS Management APIs

The NEXIS Management APIs allow NEXIS administrators to perform system management and storage administration functions via REST APIs. NEXIS APIs enable application developers to automate NEXIS storage and workspace management tasks, allowing for workflow integration and automation for 3rd party applications.