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MediaCentral | UX Toolkit

The MediaCentral | UX Toolkit includes everything you need to integrate external tools and services into MediaCentral | UX workflows as a UI plug-in. For example, use it to integrate a web-based project management system, or your own custom software offerings. Features static (client-side) UIs for simplified integration of JavaScript libraries, while retaining the ability to match the style of the native MediaCentral | UX Toolkit user interface, as desired.

Plugins for MediaCentral | UX are completely based on static code. Any type of rendering is performed on the client side which makes development and deployments of the plugins very easy. When running inside MediaCentral | UX the plugins can access backend services on the bus via the Upstream. All calls from the browser will be made in the context of the user so the developer does not have to take care of authentication.