Link relation aa:multi-value-attribute-range-by-attributeid

New in MC | Cloud UX 2022.3


Get an aa:multi-value-attribute-range resource with a range of the rows of a given multi-value attribute and with paging.

This link rel is currently only available for Media Central | Asset Management.

HTTP method


URL template parameters


The name of the multi-value attribute.

Query parameters


Zero-based number of first row to return.

If not given or if the given value is lesser than zero, the result set starts with the first row of the multi-value attribute (offset=0).

See Paging for details.


Maximum number of rows to return.

If not given or if the given value is negative, the limit is determined by the CTC service. This means especially that limit=-1 does NOT return all rows.

The CTC service may also impose an upper bound for the limit parameter. If a caller requests a million rows (limit=1000000), the service may chose to return a smaller number of rows, for example 1000. The caller should check the existence of a next link rel to learn if there are more rows in the database.

See Paging for details.


Culture code for localized data.


Comma-separated list of sub attributes to return. If not given, all sub attributes are returned.


Request optional, but requestable properties (comma-separated list). Supported values:

  • insist=totalElements: request getting the property totalElements in paging with the total number of rows.

Request body


HTTP response

200 OK

403 Forbidden

The caller has no read permission for the asset.

404 Not Found

The asset or attribute doesn’t exist or the service or an intermediate resource is not available.

Response body

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