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Get the available relation types for the asset.

HTTP method


URL template parameters


Query parameters


Return only the labels for the language 'de'. If not given the labels for all languages will be returned.


Defines the sort order for the relation types. See below for details.

Request body


HTTP response

200 OK

Response body

Available in

Theoretically also in loc:item, but that is currently not supported by any system type.


Query parameter "sort"

Defines the sort order for the relation types. The value is a comma-separated list of sort criteria. Each sort criterion consists of an optional direction prefix and a sort property. If the sort query parameter is missing or not given, the CTC service applies a system-specific default order.

Direction prefix:

"+" or none

ascending order


descending order

Sort property:


Localized label of the relation type.


The ID of the relation type.


Applies a system-specific default order.


  • sort=label,+relationType: sorts primarily by localized label, then by relation type ID, both in ascending order.

  • sort=-label,relationType: sorts primarily by localized label in descending order, then by relation type ID in ascending order.