Link relation loc:delete-item-by-id


Delete an item from the folder. This link relation is only available for MediaCentral Asset Management.

HTTP method


URL template parameters


The id of the item.

MediaCentral Asset Management:

  • If the id contains a value w/o '.', it represents the ID of a folder, the id can be directly used for further folder operations.

  • If the id contains a '.', it represents a complex ID, that specifies an item in the format "<collectionID>.<itemID>".

Query parameters


The deletion mode. The exact behavior depends on the system, see Information for specific systems for details. The value can be one of:

  • reference: Delete only the items in the folder, but not the assets.

  • media: Delete only the media files of the items.

  • metadata: Delete the items in the folder and the assets, but leave the media files intact.

  • all: Deletes the items in the folder and the assets, including the media files.

If the parameter is not given or empty, the default mode depends on the system.


Override the reservation on the asset. Only for MediaCentral Production Management and MediaCentral Asset Management. See below for details.

Request body


HTTP response

204 No Content

The item was deleted.

403 Forbidden

The user doesn’t have the required permissions.

405 Method not allowed

The asset is reserved.

Response body


Available in


MediaCentral Asset Management:

The link-rel is available, if the requesting user has the folder permissions "Write" or "DeleteFolders". This means that the link could be present, but might not be applicable for every item.

Query parameter





Delete the reference in the folder, but leave the asset in place.

This is the only mode that allows deleting sub folders.


Not supported.


Delete all media files of the referenced assets. Media files that are shared with other assets are not deleted.


Delete items in the folder and the referenced assets, including the media files. Media files that are shared with other assets are not deleted.

Up to MC|AM 2023.7, the mode was only supported if MAMAssetsCTC was configured to use a BPMN process for deletion.

not given or empty

The default mode is reference.


New in MC | Cloud UX 2023.12

Defines how to deal with reservations. One of:

  • all: Override all reservations.

  • media: Override reservations when deleting only media files (mode=media).

  • none, not given or empty: Don’t override reservations. Deletion will fail for reserved assets.

Up to 2023.7, the query parameter was ignored.