Query parameters for aa:asset

This page defines common query parameters that can be used when querying an aa:asset resource.


Only when called with ?embed=attributes.

A comma separated list of attribute names that shall be returned in the embedded aa:attributes resource. See Query parameters for aa:attributes for details.


A comma separated list of resources to be embedded into the resulting resource. Possible values:


Only when called with ?embed=attributes and when ?attributes is not given or empty.

If true, all attributes except multi-value attributes are returned.

If not given or false, all attributes are returned.


Specifies the language or locale for localizable information, if supported. The value must be a must be a valid IETF BCP 47 language tag.

  • If missing or empty, labels for language "en" will be returned.

  • If there is no label for the given language tag, the response will automatically fall back to another label (usually the English one), but return it with the given language tag. Example: If the caller asks for ?lang=fr and there is no French label, then the response will contain "fr" as language tag, but a fallback label as value:

  "labels": {
    "fr": "English label"

thumbnailWidth and thumbnailHeight

Specifies the thumbnailWidth and thumbnailHeight for the thumbnail to be generated, if supported.

MediaCentral Production Management

  • If both parameters are specified, their arguments will literally be applied as "width"- and "height"-arguments in the thumbnail image URL to request the head frame.

  • If only thumbnailWidth is specified, then thumbnailWidth will be applied as "width"-argument and "height" will be completed with a value to keep the thumb in 16:9 aspect.

  • If only thumbnailHeight is specified, then thumbnailHeight will be applied as "height"-argument and "width" will be completed with a value to keep the thumb in 16:9 aspect.

  • If none of these parameters is specified, MediaCentral Production Management’s defaults are applied.

The resulting thumbnail image will not necessarily perfectly reflect the values specified in thumbnailWidth and thumbnailHeight. Instead the backend can select other dimensions with a better fit depending on the original footage. However, the resulting thumbnail will always fit in the bounding box defined by the specified thumbnailWidth and thumbnailHeight.

MediaCentral Asset Management

thumbnailWidth and thumbnailHeight are ignored.