Feature-pack installation

Feature-pack is installation file consisting of metadata for avidctl tool, docker image and helm chart.
After creation of your feature-pack:

Upload feature-pack to your CloudUX machine.

On Windows you can use WinSCP or on Linux/OSX.
Example command: scp file_to_copy user@<ip-address>:/path/to/location.

SSH into your CloudUX machine.

You can connect with SSH using for example PuTTY or with command ssh root@<ip-address>.

Import feature-pack to your local registry.

Using command avidctl feature-pack import path/to/feature/pack.zip load your feature-pack to local registry.


Refresh helm repository

Prior to MediaCentral 2018.11 you must update helm repository manually: execute command helm repo update to refresh registry.


Install feature pack with avidctl

Execute in command line: avidctl feature install --feature avid-releases/myplugin [--version=1.2.4] --name plugin.