The viewer allows your customers to play back your score right in their browser,
with no extra downloads or installations required. As the score plays back, a
playback marker is drawn in the score (just like in Sibelius!). Page turns are
automatically handled too.

The ability to playback, of course, gives your customer a much better idea of
what they’re buying. Some customers even like to play along with the score to

Sounds are automatically generated using same Sibelius 7 Sounds library that
ships with Sibelius itself. All the same dynamics, edits and adjustments that
you have made to your score in Sibelius are present in your score.

While you’re working with your score in Sibelius, we recommend setting your
playback configuration to one of the Sibelius 7 Sounds configurations:

  • Sibelius 7 Sounds
  • Sibelius 7 Sounds (Lite)
  • Sibelius 7 Sounds (Jazz)
  • Sibelius 7 Sounds (Chamber)

That way, you’ll get an accurate representation of how your score will sound to
your customers from Sibelius itself.

Advanced - uploading your own MP3

Computer-generated playback using the Sibelius 7 Sounds library is all well and
good, but Sibelius Cloud Publishing also allows you to upload a custom
recording of your score. Perhaps you have a recording of the piece being
professionally performed - adding this to your score adds an extra level of
musicality (and hopefully makes it much more attractive to your users!).

See addRenderings for more details.

Synchronisation with the playback marker

WARNING this section isn’t for the faint of heart!

One advantage of using the built-in Sibelius 7 Sounds playback is that Sibelius
Cloud Publishing can also automatically generate data for correlating the
playback marker (in the viewer) to the playback of the audio data itself. We
call this the playback positions file. It takes the form of a JSON document
that links a given timecode to a particular spot in your score.

If you have uploaded a custom recording of your score, there is no guarantee
that the same timings generated in Sibelius will also apply to your recording.
In fact, the opposite is more or less guaranteed.

Using addRenderings it is possible to upload your own custom playback
positions JSON document, which would then sync the playback of your score to
the custom recording.

In the future, we’ll provide an automated tool for making this much easier, but
for those of you reading who enjoy a challenge, the option is there!

PDF limitations

Playback is not available in PDF-based scores. If you want to add playback
to your score you have two options:

  1. Re-input the PDF score into Sibelius, and then publish the resulting native
    Sibelius file
  2. Add a custom audio rendering to your PDF-based score.

Custom sound libraries

Custom sound libraries are currently not supported. Feel free to
request it as a feature for the future though!