Providing feedback

We’d love to hear from you whether you’re an existing or prospective Sibelius
Cloud Publishing user.

Feature suggestions

Yes please! We’ll formalize this process more for the future, but for now you
may e-mail us at

If you’ve submitted a feature suggestion and you’d like to know more on it’s
progress, you can e-mail the above address too and we’d be happy to provide
an update.


When reporting an issue, please don’t forget to include as much detail as
possible to help us reproduce the issue:

  • The API method you called
  • Any parameters you’ve specified as part of an API call
  • If the bug is client-side (in a web browser), include the version of the
    browser and the platform.
  • Any other details relevant to the problem

When an error occurs, an incident ID is returned as part of the response.
If you provide us with this ID we can pin down the precise moment in our own
systems that the incident occurred, and investigate accordingly - in other words
please do provide an incident ID if you possibly can!

Documentation corrections and improvements

You can send documentation improvements and suggestions to