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Common elements

Starting points


  • aa:assets: Starting point for asset-related functions

  • aa:asset: Represents an asset

  • aa:attributes: Represents the attributes of an asset in a common format

  • aa:time-based: Represents the time-based annotation of an asset in a common format

  • aa:keyframes: Returns key frames like shot borders, scene changes or the position of markers for an asset

  • aa:thumb: Represents a thumbnail image for an asset

  • aa:access-files: !!Notice: this information is subject the change!! Represents a set of access points to files that are attached to assets

  • aa:access-file: !!Notice: this information is subject the change!! Represents an access point to a file that is attached to an asset

Location - Folder structure for a system

  • loc:locations: Starting point for functions that handle the folder structure of a system

  • loc:collection: Represents the list of items in a folder.

  • loc:item: Represents an item in a folder.

  • loc:path-to-root: Represents the folder path up to the root folder for a location item.

Data Model

  • datamodel:aggregated-model: Returns a data model aggregated across all systems on the platform.

  • datamodel:system-model: Returns the data model used by a system on the platform.

  • datamodel:asset-model: Returns the data model for an asset. It includes details about the the available attributes and layers and layout information defining how clients should present the data for the asset.




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