System Requirements

To start developing Avid Platform services you may pickup Avid Connector API in any available language, currently Java, Node.js, .NET and C++ languages are available for Avid Platform service development. Depending on language you choose you may have corresponding system requirements/limitations.

  • General requirements:
    • CPU, RAM bounded on business logic of service you are developing;
  • Language specific:
    • Java:
      • JSE 1.8 or higher;
      • OS, any which supports JSE 1.7 or higher;
    • Node.js:
      • Node.js version 8.11.0 or higher;
      • OS, any which supports Node.js 8.11.0 or higher;
    • .NET:
      • .NET Core v2.0;
      • OS which supports .NET Core v2.0 or any compatible;
    • C++:
      • Windows: Visual Studio 2013, 2015;
      • Linux: c++98, c++14. Currently build with c++98 with gcc 4.4.6 and c++14 with gcc 5.2.1;