System Requirements

To start developing Avid Platform services you may pickup Avid Connector API in any available language, currently Java, Node.js, .NET and C++ languages are available for Avid Platform service development. Depending on language you choose you may have corresponding system requirements/limitations.

  • General requirements:
    • CPU, RAM bounded on business logic of service you are developing;
  • Language specific:
    • Java:
      • JSE 1.7 or higher;
      • OS, any which supports JSE 1.7 or higher;
    • Node.js:
      • Node.js version 4.2.2 or higher;
      • OS, any which supports Node.js 4.2.2 or higher;
    • .NET:
      • .NET target Framework v4.5, for compatible frameworks version look over Version Compatibility in the .NET Framework
      • OS, Windows which supports .NET Framework v4.5 or any compatible. PoC was tested on Linux with Mono and it is working, but it is not production tested and not production used on Linux yet;
    • C++:
      • Windows: Visual Studio 2013, 2015;
      • Linux: c++98, c++14. Currently build with c++98 with gcc 4.4.6 and c++14 with gcc 5.2.1;