Service Creation Tutorial


This tutorial will show you how to create bus service from scratch using cloudux-starter-kit.

- nodejs and npm
- cloudux-starter-kit-service
- Working MediaCentral | UX 2018.6

To create a project please run the terminal in your target directory and type a command below. (hope that you have installed cloudux starter kit before)


If you want to receive a connection you will have to paste your app id and app secret to project.config.json file.

They are available after accessing a sellers portal on

Product Information

If you don't have an access to Seller Portal please read tutorial.

When finished please download proxy-bal.

Proxy-bal is package available only for developers with a Avid developer account.

    Steps include proxy-bal:

  • Download proxy-bal package from (Avid Platform Connector Node)
  • Extract downloaded files
  • Enter the extracted directory and then node_modules directory
  • Extract proxy-bal.tgz file
  • Rename package directory to proxy-bal
  • Copy the proxy-bal directory to node_modules in service directory
  • Open command line inside proxy-bal directory

  • Now please type the commands below

    npm update

    npm start

    Congratulations! You've just created your first cloudux service!